Formula D Round 6 “After Dark” Aug 26-27th, 2011 Las Vegas NV

After a long summer and the long days fading to a close, Its time to enjoy one of the industries events that always seem to fall around this time of year. Enter Formula D Round 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada!! This Vegas event has been great for years. Its a great chance to get to see your favorite drifters in the a new light, errr…. darkness. There is not a lot of events that can compete with a great desert night and thousands of fans screaming and cheering for their favorite drift vehicle as they zoom by at 60-80 mph. This year I will be personally showing my vehicle (Pann Auto Time Attack S2000) at the adjoined “Slammed Society” Car Show hosted by FATLACE. This is a great time for all and I highly recommend everyone coming out and helping us root on our buddy John Russakoff in the Pann Auto sponsored Megan Racing Drift Corolla. I have been coming to these events for years now and it never disappoints!! Hope to see y’all there !!!

For more info visit… or hit me up @


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