Tomioka Racing TR 17 lb Light-weight Battery

TR 17 lb Light-weight Battery

TR 17 lb Light-weight Battery


For those looking for more reserve capacity from other TR batteries, the TR-B1700 is the perfect choice. At 17 lbs and slightly wider than TR-B1500, TR-B1700 is perfect for daily driving vehicles. TR Battery utilizes Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology which increases specific power and ride quality and environmental safety. The design allows the battery to be mounted in a variety of positions and to accept automotive terminals vertically and horizontally. Included with each TR Battery are high quality brass SAE terminals, designed to distribute the electrical load battery for high amperage, high stress use of racing and audio applications.


Part Number TR-B1700
Weight 17 lbs / 7.7 kb
Dimension inches 6.9″ x 4.0″ x 6.2″
mm 176mm x 102mm x 158mm
Voltage 12
Full Charge Voltage 13.8
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 500
Capactiy 19 amps/hour @ 10AH Rating
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