Pann Auto Raffle/ Bar-B-Que/ Car Meet 09/19/2009

Hey everyone,
It’s me B.J. from Pann Auto your friendly salesman (most of the time ;). I just wanted to cordially invite you to the 1st annual Pann Auto Bar-b-que/ Car Meet/Raffle. We are celebrating our 18 year anniversary. What we are trying to do here is have a cool car meet, entertain 15+ Vendors on hand to discuss with to the public about their products, Give Away a Car and a trophy, and as well as to bar-b-que with have extended sale prices for this one special day to you the customer.
Well for the raffle we have our grand Prize which is a 1995 Honda Accord (min. 150 raffle tickets sold). I know it’s not much but for a $20.00 dollar raffle ticket you may win this piece of machinery. We plan on having over 200+ prizes so it is guaranteed to win something if you buy a raffle ticket. Some of the other prizes you could win in the raffle would be:
1. AEM intake of the customer’s choice
2. A Fujita Intake of the customer’s choice
3. A set of B&G Springs of the customer’s choice
4. A Honda shift knob from Dali Racing
5. Front Lip from NIN Auto sport
6. Driving gloves/ Shirt from 5 Zigen
7. Set of torque mounts from AVID Racing
8. (2) intercooler cores from Fatboy Racing
Plus much more to come…
Like I said some vendors have decided to come down and show off either their vehicles, product, or maybe just to hang around and talk with you. As of 8/14/2009 we have Fujita, WEDS Usa, Buddy Club, B&G Suspension, CT Engineering, 5zigen, Ings+1, GReddy, and APR Performance… with many more confirming each day we get closer to the event.
We are inviting all makes and models to come down and meet up at our location of 7960 Ronson Road San Diego, CA 92111. I encourage people to spread the word about this event to every forum, meet, and car shop. Everyone is welcome either to hang out, eat, and enjoy the company of a fellow enthusiast. We will have a special ballot for “BEST CAR” chosen by the people. Pann Auto will give one trophy to one lucky individual that is chosen by the spectators at the event.
If you would like to be involved in this event please feel free to contact me: or 858-278-7266
Thank you for your time,

More information about the raffle:

How the raffle will take place. Everyone who purchases a ticket will win a prize.  If a minimum of 150 enter in the raffle we will be giving away the GRAND PRIZE 1995 Honda Accord.  We will draw the raffle tickets one by one until everyone has won a prize. We will then put all the raffle tickets back in pot and draw the Grand Prize winner and everyone who purchased a ticket is able to win the Grand Prize Honda Accord.

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