GReddy informeter- TOUCH (Version 1.04)

Touch Screen OBD2 Engine Monitor and more…

•    Up to 53 Items possible
•    3.5” TFT color touch screen
•    ISO 14230, CAN, Non OBD
•    3-way display direction
•    6 read-out styles:
Digital, Bar meter, Needle meter,
Circle bar, Graph, Chart
•    5 display patterns:
Couple, Tandem, Lord/Tenant,
Couple/3 Fold, 6 Fold
•    DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
Reading & Resetting (depending on vehicle.)
•    15 minute dataloging & playback
•    English or Japanese language
•    Metric or SAE measurements
•    Eco-drive, Fuel Economy, Power estimators
•    GReddy v-manage, f-manage compatible
•    External Signal monitoring possibilities
•    Programmable Warning Alarms (visual/audio)
•    Programmable Max/Min Scales
•    Peak Hold Memory (LO / HI)
•    Selectable background patterns
•    Day/Night settings
•    Size 75mm x 107mm x d16mm

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