HKS F-CON V Pro version 3.3

HKS USA, Inc. releases the newest version of its engine management system, the F-CON V Pro version 3.3. The new F-CON V Pro hardware and Power Writer software have been upgraded to offer improved functionality and features over the previous generations.

The HKS F-CON V Pro is a full featured standalone engine management system that connects easily to the factory Engine Control Unit as a “piggy-back” fuel and timing controller. As modifications to a vehicle are made, the need for fuel and timing adjustments becomes critical for performance and safety. With up to 4 selectable trim maps for different fuel octane ratings, the F-CON V Pro with its 32×32 resolution for both fuel and timing maps is the optimal solution.

The F-CON V Pro can control up to eight injectors with D Jetro or L Jetro setups. Injectors can be set to fire as batch, sequential or staged. The F-CON V Pro can also be utilized in “drive by wire” vehicles. Programming is done via the HKS Power Writer software; which only Certified HKS Pro Dealers have access to.

The HKS Power Writer software for the F-CON V Pro has some very unique abilities to simplify setup and tuning. The F-CON V Pro utilizes A/F Feedback control; where a target A/F value can be input and the F-CON V Pro will adjust fuel automatically.

Full data logging capabilities are also built into the F-CON V Pro Power Writer software allowing all major vehicle conditions; speed, rpm, water temperature, intake temperature, timing, boost, injector duty cycle, etc. to be logged onto the HKS Pro Dealer’s computer.

New functions and features of the F-CON V Pro 3.3 include:

•  Expanded vehicle applications including Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution X
•  Air flow input voltage monitoring
•  Direct inputs for: Fuel pressure, Oil pressure and Oil temperature
•  Compatibility with the HKS A/F Knock Amp 2 (AFK)
•  Deceleration fuel cut by vehicle speed, improving low speed drivability
•  Flat shift (wide open throttle) rpm control
•  Pit lane speed limiter
•  Compatibility with HKS Valcon
•  Improved Idle Control Valve control
•  Error code reporting and memory function
•  Oil Pressure, oil temp warning light option output
•  RPM, ignition cut, and data logging warning/indicator light output.

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