Greddy Bolt-on Turbo Kit for Honda Fit


Just released is our new turbo kit for the 07-08 Honda Fit. Based around a super quick spooling GReddy TD035HL 14GK turbocharger, this all inclusive, pre-programed bolt-on kit increase the usable horsepower of the the Fit by 35% at just 4psi of boost. It also includes a large CCP polished Type-31, V-spec, front-mounted intercooler and heavy duty cast-iron top-mounted turbo manifold and downpipe adapter. Fuel enrichment is handled by a plug-in emanage Ultimate (which only requires you to hook up one additional throttle position wire.) Being a GReddy bolt-on turbo kit, it includes mandrel-bent aluminum piping, and all the necessary hardware, mounting brackets, hoses, fittings and even multiple heat shields to keep things cool.

But the best part is, like our other bolt-on kits, it is upgradable to increase the power even more. By adding additional fuel enrichment and re-tuning the Ultimate, you can easily get a 60% increase in horsepower over stock, at 8psi. (see sample chart below)

ITEM: TD035 Fit Intercooled-Turbo Kit
VEHICLE: ’07-’08 Honda Fit
NOTES: base 4psi, Intercooled, bolt-on,
w/ pre-programed Ultimate
PART NUMBER: 11550044
MSRP: $3,980.


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