Blitz SD Meter Series.

Now has choice of gauge diameter at 60mm or 52mm.Below are the items In Stock Now for this moment rest will be available by end of July.
Turn your order now for in stock items.  First Come First Serve basis! Hurry

2 x 19561 / 60mm Boost
4 x 19565 / 60mm Exhaust Temp.
4 x 19566 / 60mm Tacho
1 x 19567 / 60mm Voltage1 x 19572 / 52mm Vacuum
2 x 19574 / 52mm Pressure
4 x 19575 / 52mm Exhaust Temp.
4 x 19576 / 52mm Tacho4 x 19577 / 52mm Voltage

1. Accurate and smooth operation is achieved by highly accurate stepping motor. Opening/Ending action is built-in.
2. Employs Aluminum Bezel which enhances the racing look.
3. 7 product lineups available.
4. Employs the backlight dimmer for easier view at night.
5. Employs the warning function to warn the driver with flashing LED.
6. Employs the peak hold function to memory/review the peak value.
7. Special warning/peak hold switch is included in the package.
8. Includes Gauge Holder and Shade (refer to pictures above).
9. Employs the short circuit warning function. The needle flashes to inform the short circuit to the driver.
10 .Eliminated the live unit (link unit) unique to electric meters, thus lowering the total cost.
11. Only one power supply connection is required for multiple meters for easier installation.

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