Blitz Intercooler Type CS

“Chemical Shine” has chemically treated surface with strong surface, which can withstand oxidation.
Normally, Aluminum surface become blurry after a period of the time, because of oxidation,
even if the product is vacuum-blazed. However, after CS treatment, strong protection surface is created to
withstand the oxidation for a long time. BLITZ’s brand-new INTER COOLER CS SERIES achieve high level of
performance as previous LM series intercooler, even better looks and durability, and unbeatable
cost-performance INTERCOOLER CS (Chemical Shine)
Brand-new inter cooler kit with special “Chemical Shine” treatment.
Chemical Shine is applied to not only the side tank but also to the core for better durability. Light weight inner
tube is equipped with offset fin to achieve high cooling efficiency and low pressure loss. Louver type outer fin is
used for better flow. Aluminum piping are also fully polished. (Except some vehicle types and parts)
Improving the performance, looks, and cost performance at the same time.
Heat-resistant and durable blue silicone hoses are used to joint hoses.
Piping are designed with minimum bend for low flow resistance, and Aluminum is used for weight reduction.

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