SURGE TANK for Lancer Evolution – X

1. Tank capacity is 2.8L, which is double of original.
2. 2-piece (Port/Tank) construction to house the funnels for the best induction efficiency and
balance between each cylinder.
3. Injector collars are used for stock injectors. When step up to 800cc injector, simply remove
the collar and bolts right on. Ready for next step-up!
4. Stock fuel delivery pipe is usable for stock injectors to avoid extra investment.
5. Performance Characteristics: Surge Tank (Intake Chamber) compatible with normal engine,
new camshaft, or new 2.3L kit.
6. Reference Specification
Power before: 366.7ps → new SURGE TANK: 374.3ps
Torque before: 460.4Nm → new SURGE TANK: 491.1Nm
Above specs are BLITZ in-house result at tested with our own vehicle with Carbon
Suction Kit / Intake Pipe Kit / Intake Suction Kit / Nur Spec-DT / LM Intercooler / SBC
i-Color Spec-R. Result may vary by the vehicle.

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