Honda Accord 4 Cylinder and V6 Injen SP Intakes

Help your Accord research its full potential! How does 12HP and 10ft/lbs of Torque grab you? Interested? Undoubtedly, the superior intakes on the market today: the all new SP1685 and SP1675. Injen’s patented, MR step down process calibrates air/fuel ratios, while Air Fusion adjusts short term/long term fuel trim levels to factory spec’s. Complementing this innovative technology, is the Injen/AMSOIL Ea nano-fiber No Oil Required dry filter, the filter of the future! With all this advanced engineering going into an intake, why settle for less? Go with Injen Technology, the intakes tuners of today and tomorrow!

To Download this Press Releases in its Entirety – SP1685 & SP1675 PR

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